NHS continues planning for Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k

Kassandra Darnell

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With October approaching, NHS members are focusing on planning and promoting the annual Ghost and Goblins 2k/5k, hosted by the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF). NHS members have split into different committees to promote the event.
NHS president Kieran Thompson said, “We have four or five different committees—we have one for Pups Running meets, one for athletic events at the high school, one for the actual high school in day-to-day classes, one for the middle schools and the NJHS (National Junior Honors Society) clubs there, and one for community events. We’re going to be all around Carmel for the next month or so promoting the event and advertising and trying to get people to sign up.”
NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said members of the club are using the event to gain volunteer hours and find new ways to promote the event.
“Yesterday during our meeting, there were hours offered for kids who made posters to help advertise and we’re going to be advertising through buttons as well. We collected candy to give out to hopefully get kids excited about the event,” Malloy said.
NHS is also offering free tutoring in room E138 during both late start and SRT.
“We had our first late start tutoring today and then we’ve been running tutoring during SRTs every gold day, but today was the first day we started with late start tutoring as well,” Malloy said.