K-8 mentoring finishing semester with holiday activities

Isabel VanZetta

Students in the K-8 mentoring program are finishing their first semester while planing and going to holiday events.

Club sponsor Robin Pletcher said some members will get together with their younger kids for individual holiday parties. If the member chooses, they will bring their kid a gift and hang out with them for the holiday. In addition, members can choose to go to their kids’ holiday programs such as school musicals and plays.
One of Pletcher’s favorite moments of this first semester was the kids’ reactions to seeing the members. “You take a group of high schools through an elementary school and you see these little kids faces turn and light up,” Pletcher said.

Kiara Gills, club member and senior, said she enjoys helping the kids throughout the school year and hanging out with them.

Pletcher has started to hand out applications for any students who would like to apply for this program next school year.

Gills said this is a great program for anyone interested. “Anybody who is interested should consider it, I love it and you have the ability to impact the community and it impacts yourself because you can grow and it helps you become a better person.” Gills said.

As the semester comes to an end, members say goodbye to their kids for the holiday break. Members will start traveling out to schools when the second semester begins.K-8 mentoring finishing semester with holiday activities.