National Art Honor Society Events Canceled

Q&A with Alexis “Lexi” Carter, National Arts Honor Society president and junior


Kassandra Darnell

With National Art Honor Society, what specifically has been canceled because of the coronavirus?

Okay, well, technically, March is Youth Arts Month. So this was really supposed to be our like biggest month of activities and things that we do in National Art Honor Society. So that’s kind of a bummer. We had some things planned throughout the month, like, there was going to be a prompt for students in all art classes to do. The theme for Youth Arts Month this year is a journey through art. And so the prompt idea, it was kind of going to be like Inktober. And the idea was, you know, just like your journey. So do a piece of work that has to do with a journey. And we were going to have students turn those in at like the end of the month. And, well, actually it was going to be the end of this week. And they were going to get candy for doing it. And the best ones were going to be put on the Art Club’s Instagram page. And so that was week one. But also, we were going to do this like last week but we didn’t get to it because of all the craziness, we were going to put out like a Zen coloring, like doodle page in the commons. And we were going to let the whole school, or whoever wanted to participate, fill in a little box. And then the last thing, well two more things—we were gonna have like a scavenger hunt kind of thing, where Art Club’s Instagram was going to post pictures of art that was around the school that’s already up. And if you take a picture with it or you find it and come to the art hallway, you could win a piece of candy. And so that was supposed to be this week. And then the biggest thing was SoHo, which was supposed to be Friday, March 20, and that got canceled. So it’s the SoHo art show that we do every year. It was going to be really big. We were going to have a student band and we had all this like food planned and decorations. And for a lot of the students, this is one of a lot of people’s favorite activity that National Art Honor Society hosts and that a lot of the students in the art programs get to be a part of. It is what it is, you know, hopefully, we’ll do SoHo if we get back to school, sometime in May is when I would be thinking hopefully that happens. But we’ve been talking to the art teachers about doing that.

Are you planning on doing anything on social media or anything this month? Are you planning to just move things forward, potentially for another time?

Honestly, I don’t know yet. I’m in charge of the Art Club’s Instagram page, so I’ll probably put out a couple posts just to be active. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll put out yet, but I might just be like, “Hey, hopefully you guys are doing some art,” something uplifting.

Overall, how would you say the club has been impacted by all this?

It’s been impacted pretty significantly. Yeah, like the next couple, really now until spring break were some of the biggest activities that we do all year and it is kind of disappointing that we don’t get to do them anymore. So it’s sad but we’ll move on and we have accomplished a lot of things, in Art Club and in National Art Honor Society. And obviously we’ll be able to do that next year.

What do you what would you say is the club’s plan going forward?

Well, we probably won’t do anything else with Youth Arts Month, but when we get back to school, we’ll probably do everything that has been planned, and we’ll just pick up where we left off.