Sophomores Daniel Ahn, Zachary Fan, Brayden Meng, Elliot Shi, Larry Wei make up singing, dancing hip hop dance group “Revelations2023”


Calina He

Brayden Meng, Daniel Ahn and Zachary Fan practice together. The group is planning to release a music video later this month.

Maggie Wheeler

Tell us about Revelations2023. What are your goals as a group? Why did you create it?

We’re a dance group made up of all sophomores. We formed because we wanted to do something impactful during our high school years, hone our skills, and have fun together.

What kinds of music do you dance to?

We like hip-hop, pop and K-Pop, specifically.

Do you make your own music?

Yes!  We have something coming up, a music video that we choreographed and produced ourselves. We hope to have it up on YouTube by the end of the month.

Is there more to you than meets the eye?

Revelations2023 isn’t just a dance group. We dabble in music and video production, and hope to create our own beats, lyrics, choreography, and music videos. We want to put our music on not just YouTube, but Spotify and Soundcloud too. Larry Wei, our video editor, is great at what he does, and so is Elliot Shi, our cameraman.

Are you open to dancing to other types of music?

Yes, we’re sticking to a niche right now, but we hope to broaden our horizons in the coming years. We’re super excited to experiment, it’s part of the fun.