Junior Class to form prom committee, prepares for second semester events


The Junior Class officers, according to Junior Class sponsor Maureen Borto, has formed a prom committee so they can begin planning for prom, which will occur May 1.

Every year, the Junior Class has the responsibility of planning prom as well as the prom after-party, which can be attended by juniors, seniors and any underclassman dates. Last year’s prom theme was the Orient.

According to Junior Class president Jeremy Weprich, the prom committee will need to choose the theme before working on decorations, choosing a venue and finishing any last touches for prom.

He said the officers will ask their peers for suggestions and their thoughts.

He said, “We need to evaluate the treasury and how much money (we have) before actually allocating the budget on the various things that go into (hosting) prom.”

While he could not comment on the exact amount, Weprich said the Junior Class has raised a significant amount of money for prom through various fundraisers, including the magazine sales that current juniors did during their freshman year.

In addition, the officers will also begin preparing for other events like Dance Marathon that occur during second semester. Weprich said his goal is to get a larger percentage of the Junior Class to raise money and attend the event. This school year, Dance Marathon will occur Feb. 20. By Tim Chai <[email protected]>

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