Choirs work toward performance in October, among other goals

Emily Carlisle

Performing Arts have had to alter their schedule and how they go about performing. There are plans for a modified fall concert that will be filmed on October 10.

Director of Choirs Kathrine Kouns said although the students do have performances and tangible goals to work toward, the focus of this year has changed from previous years.

“This year we are trying to really emphasize the process as opposed to the product,” Kouns said. “We’re hoping to be able to get some products that we can give out to the public, but this year is probably going to end up being a little bit more process driven until some of these regulations are lifted.”

Ayaan Abbasi, New Edition member and junior, said that the directors are trying to maintain normalcy even in the midst of all the changes.

Abbasi said via email, “The directors are still trying to keep all of the main parts of choir and make sure the activity itself can still happen, which is really exciting as we weren’t even sure if choir would be an option this year.”