Club Med members to learn about STEM competitions, cardiology

Olivia Stock

Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, plans to spend the club’s next meeting on Feb. 1 talking about upcoming programs and competitions such as the STEM program run by the IU School of Medicine and the Conrad Challenge.

The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. via Zoom, as will all future second semester meetings.

“To this point we haven’t been able to do any activities,” Ranga said,“because then again we are virtual and it’s mainly just the informative side of the club right now, and I think that’s what we’re going to continue to do because that’s what works best as of right now.”

Additionally, Club Med plans to host a cardiologist as a guest speaker at their meeting on Feb. 8.

“We’ve never had a cardiologist before and a lot of different members talked about that that’s a subject they’re interested in so we’re going to have a guest speaker over that,” Ranga said.

Club Med sponsor Alyssa Ament said she leaves decisions about club meetings and activities up to officers.

Officers also plan to host more guest speakers in the future, including a registered nurse, a general practitioner, and a public health official.

“We want to get a wide range of different speakers,” Ranga said. “In the future we plan to have more research professionals come in (that) have PhDs and that sort of thing because this first semester we haven’t really focused on that.”