Academic Super Bowl to attend area competition April 20


Academic Super Bowl sponsor James Ziegler poses for a photo. Ziegler said the team will hold a practice invitational on March 22.

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl team will attend the area competition on April 20. The competition will be virtual and conducted through Zoom. Students should wear business-casual clothing and have their study materials ready.

According to James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor and social studies teacher, individual subject teams will meet once a week going forward until the area competition.

Ziegler said, “Right now, (the) competition season is in full-swing. Now is the time that the individual teams will pick up the pace with their studying and prepare for the area competition.”

Ayaan Abbasi, Academic Super Bowl fine arts subject team captain and junior, said the fine arts team is ready for the competition season to start.

“I’m super excited for the competition season to begin. This year, all of us have really prepared well, and we’ve built up a team that is confident in what we know and confident in each other that we are doing our work,” Abbasi said via email. “I know that provided we continue to work hard, we can do extremely well this competition season.”