CHTV to broadcast homecoming week


CHTV staff members work during SRT. A new light panel shines purple in the background.

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV is set to start shows during homecoming week. These shows will feature new equipment and more graphics. This is so CHTV can begin with a different style than years prior according to CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic. “It’s going to be super fast paced and it will be much more like a mini news cast than maybe [how] other shows were,” Ostojic said.

CHTV is split into three separate teams in order to help with production, with each team working on shows in a weekly rotation. In this system, one team can work on the homecoming week episodes while the other works on the shows for the following week. Max Kim, news director and senior, said that each of the three teams have crew members working together on packages and videos within the show. “We have a ton of stuff in the works, we have new graphics and we’re really excited to change the format this year,” Kim said.

Some of the new equipment CHTV has includes a jib camera, a type of camera that can “swoop” into the studio, as well as new lighting panels. In addition, CHTV will use its graphics system from last year more in order to have “deeper” graphics. Ostojic said, “We have revamped our studio, [and] we are completely changing the way shows look. Homecoming Week is when our show starts, [and] it is going to be awesome.” By Christian Ledbetter

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