Varsity football prepares for Homecoming game on Sept. 24 against North Central High School


Junior Winston Berglund tackles a player from the Center Grove team at the home game on Sept. 3

Maggie Meyer

The varsity football team will compete against North Central High School for their annual Homecoming game on Sept. 24. Another key upcoming event includes the first Sectional game on Oct. 29. Head Coach John Hebert said he tries to keep the team focused during Homecoming week.

“It is definitely a distraction, especially Friday of Homecoming week,” he said. “We are always going to play somebody that is capable of beating us and you do not want to cap off all of those fun things with going out and not playing your best.”

Hebert said the larger crowd does not affect how he prepares for the game.

“The pressure that I put on myself is regardless of how many people are watching,” Hebert said. “I’m not worried about what people think, I’m more worried about having regret for making a bad decision, so it’s always there every day but nothing new.”

Player and senior Zach Osborne said he keeps himself focused by ignoring the larger crowd.

“Depending on how big or small the crowd is I am not trying to pay attention to (the crowd). I tone everything out once I step onto the field.” Osborne said.