Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council planning spikeball tournament on Oct. 22


President Manav Musunuru talks with sponsors and other members of the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) about the logistics of the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. The tournament was held on Sept. 10.

Leah Tan

        Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) will hold their annual spikeball tournament on Oct. 22 in the evening. President Manav Musunuru said that the tournament is their next event to help with donations to charity.

        “Right now we’ve been figuring out tentative dates for the event and locations,” Musunuru said. “After this is approved, our graphic designer will create flyers to advertise the event and we’ll start getting the necessary equipment. We have certain members of the committee who have taken leadership roles for this specific tournament.”

        Along with the spikeball tournament, Musunuru said they are also working on planning a toy drive and wrapping up their bike parking services at the Carmel Farmers market.

        According to sponsor Joshua Kirsh, CMYC has been working diligently to hold these events.

        “They have been consistent in communication with the other members and addressed any issues that they are faced with respectively, quickly and professionally,” Kirsh said. “We know they will continue to put on successful events for the rest of the year.”

        Kirsh said he thinks the motivation comes from the cause the events are benefiting.

        “All their events hold a special place to them,” Kirsh said. “They are very well aware of what is going on in the world today and want to help out in our community for all ages. They know the importance of being active and involved and are leaders for our younger generation to look up to and keep not just our local community, but our country as whole.” By Leah Tan