Chinese 3 students celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by eating moon cake

Michelle Wan

Every year, students in CHS Chinese classes celebrate the Chinese Mid- Autumn Festival through different activities. This year, the Chinese 3 students celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating moon cake. Josh Baxter, Chinese 3 student and junior, says that by eating the moon cakes they learn about the different traditions of Chinese culture.

“We got to try the most popular flavors of mooncake and learn about the Chinese traditions,” Baxter said.

Freshman Grace Zheng is taking Chinese 3 and thought her first year of celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was a great experience.

“I thought that this was a very fun activity to do for the first time, we got to learn about the different cultures of China and enjoy the food,” Zheng said. 

Chinese teacher Tungfen Lee said, “Each year I like to do different activities to introduce the backgrounds of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to the students.” By Michelle Wan.