Varsity football prepares for first Sectional game on Oct. 29 against Avon


Senior varsity football player Zach Osborne watches Carmel play against North Central on Sept. 3. Osborne said as a senior he feels he has a bigger role on the team.

Maggie Meyer

The varsity football team will compete against Avon in their first Sectional game on Oct. 29. Head Coach John Heberts said he tries to reduce pressure by not thinking of the Sectional game any different than a regular game.

“We try to treat all games the same because otherwise then you get up for one game and you’re not up for another one,” Hebert said.

Senior varsity football player Zach Osborne said the coaches put in a lot of effort to help the team.

“(The coaches) give us different key pointers and they are spending most of their time helping us so that they can prepare us,” Osborne said.

Osborne said, “They watch hours of film over the weekend and get us prepared for Monday, which is more of a mental day. Then throughout the week, they progressively keep on giving us ideas and tips on what we should do.”