Preparation for Mock Trial

Mock Trial meets Wednesdays in room F102. Adviser and coach Robert Browning said students are preparing to try out for teams. “You can either try out to be an attorney, where you’re actually representing the people, the parties in the case, or you can try out to be a witness who’s someone who saw something or is involved for some reason,” said Browning. After students try out they are assigned to teams for their competitions. Browning said that if there is more than one team this year it is possible they will have to compete against each other. 

Sophomore Mock Trial member Ava Beckman said via email students must audition to get put into teams. “Then we prepare by going through the case file, preparing our direct examinations, and practicing what might be asked in our cross examinations,” said Beckman. Her advisers are practicing attorneys so their advice is crucial for fixing performances. Beckman said whenever the advisers have time they help students by giving feedback, telling them what questions should be asked, or just small fixes here and there. “I’ve made a lot more friends and connections as well as learned good speaking skills, improvising, working under pressure, and working with a team,” said Beckman. By Jenna Colt.