Varsity football prepares for second Sectional game on Nov. 5 against Brownsburg


Carmel played against North Central on Sept. 3. Head Coach John Hebert said he is excited to see how each player performs at the upcoming Sectional game Nov. 5.

Maggie Meyer

The varsity football team competes against Brownsburg High School for the second Sectional game at 7:00pm on Nov. 5 at Brownsburg High School. Head Coach John Hebert said he tries to lead the team to victory by focusing on the mental aspect of football.

“Having a daily routine of preparation for the team helps each one of us become mentally prepared. We know what we are trying to accomplish. Staying mentally flexible and emotionally balanced is important as well. Meditation is a good way to help achieve that,” Hebert said via email.

Junior and player Lawson Sinnis said that he feels more pressure in the Sectional game but he tries his best to not let it affect him in a negative way.

“There is definitely the weight of ‘we could be done’—this could be the last time we are together as a team. We have nothing guaranteed but that ramps up our play knowing that we have (the season) on the line. It pushes us a little bit more.” Sinnis said.