Men’s varsity basketball to compete against Westfield on Jan. 8


Charlie Williams, basketball player and senior, gets by the defense and dunks the ball for two points. Coach Conley said the team has a great chance to be a top contender for the State championship in early April. Photo Credits: Luke Miller

Saahas Kandru

The men’s varsity basketball team will play at Westfield on Jan. 8. The Sectional in Noblesville will be March 1. The team is still awaiting approval to compete in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference (HCC).

Sam Orme, men’s basketball player and junior, said he wants to take a different approach to this season.

“We prepared a lot in the summer and fall before the season. This way when the season started, we were already in the normal loop of playing and didn’t have to adjust right before the start of the season,” Orme said.

“I practice with purpose by maintaining the same hard intensity as in games. Intensity does not mean that you are going all out all the time, but rather is a mindset that allows you to be doing what you can in the workout you are doing to get better,” Orme added.

Assistant Coach Walt Morris said the team has a good tempo and is ready for whatever is thrown at them this season.

“The team has lots of potential to be great this year. Many guys have stepped up to the plate and are ready to take this team to the next level,” he said.

Morris thinks that with how the team is playing now, they will have no problem beating Westfield and going far in the postseason.