Repertory Theatre students finish off a meaningful year


Jacobson researches for his drama history project. The students worked on the writing aspects of their respective activities.

Sumedha Kota

According to Seth Jacobson, repertory theatre student and junior, the class is in its final run for the year. Jacobson said the seniors and juniors of the class split up, to work on different activities. While the seniors create an entire show as part of their last lesson, the juniors are recounting the history of theatre.

    “My senior friends told me that they are really enjoying this last part of the year, because there is not as much stress about grades, and they can really focus on enjoying putting out their final product in this class,” Jacobson said.

    According to Jacobson, the Juniors’ activity is also intriguing for him and many others.

    “I am also really enjoying the history activity, because I have always been intrigued by the greats of past theatre, and this project is kind of an homage to them, and we get to kind of decide our own format for the project, as long as we stay true to the people we are referencing,” he said.

    Repertory theatre teacher, Maggie Cassidy said she has high hopes in regard to what the students can deliver.

    “I think the students will really enjoy this unit and it will be a showcase of all the skills that they have learned, with our Juniors delving more into the very roots of this class, and our seniors finishing strong,” she said.

    When asked in-depth, Cassidy said this unit is about pride, as the students, especially the seniors, come into their own. By Sumedha Kota

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