Indiana Council on World Affairs Chapter Opening at CHS


Senior Pol Berger Romeu, who is president of Rho Kappa, completes work during SSRT. Berger Romeu said, “ICWA is a great opportunity for students passionate in social studies or global affairs.”

Dariush Khurram

The Indiana Council on World Affairs (ICWA) is opening up a high school chapter at CHS. According to club sponsor John Carter, the club is an opportunity for students from all grades to get more involved in international affairs and foreign policy. Members will have opportunities for leadership as class officers, for internships with the ICWA and for hosting an annual speaker series.

Carter explained that the ICWA is an organization that works underneath the World Affairs Council of America, which was established following World War I to inform Americans about American foreign policy.

“The ICWA is hoping to start high school chapters, and we will be the first high school chapter out of Indiana. The main aspect of these high school chapters would be a speaker series, where they bring in experts to talk about major events that are happening around the world,” Carter said.

On why students should participate, senior Pol Berger Romeu, who is president of Rho Kappa Honors Society, said, “ICWA hosts a variety of events that allow people to explore and learn more about the world around them. I would recommend joining as it will allow members to become global citizens with a great understanding of international affairs.”

Romeu Berger specifically recommended the club for students who have an interest in global policy, government or social studies.

Carter echoed these thoughts. He also said, “This is a great opportunity for all types of students to get leadership experience because we’ll have officers in each grade level, and they’ll be in charge of organizing our speaker events and volunteer opportunities.”

He added that the ICWA would be offering valuable internships, specifically in the realm of marketing. By Dariush Khurram

Interested students can contact Mr. Carter in Room E225. To learn more about the ICWA click here.