Men’s track and field to compete against Noblesville on May 9


Yichen Liu

Adrien Cadio, track and field runner and sophomore, runs in the Carmel Invitational. Coach Altevogt said that the team will be top contender for the State championship in early June.

Saahas Kandru

The men’s track and field team will compete against Noblesville on May 9. The Regional will be May 26.

Akul Chinthala, track and field runner and sophomore, said he trained vigorously in the winter so when the season started he would be ready for any challenges that would come his way.

“We prepared in winter before the season. This way when the season started, we were already in the normal loop of running and didn’t have to adjust right before the start of the season,” Chinthala said.

“I practice with purpose by making sure I try as hard as I can to not walk and I run at a maintainable pace,” Chinthala added.

Head Coach Colin Altevogt said this race will be an important race to determine where the team stands.

“We’ve started off really well. We’ve had a ton of improvement among so many of our boys, and I think we’re in a really good position to be a top team in the state this season,” Altevogt said.

“With the junior varsity guys, we’ve hit the most important aspects of training to be ready for a really competitive meet on a great course,” he added. “With the varsity guys who will run in the state meet, we’re delaying our really important workouts into later in the season to be ready at the most important times.”