Mock Trial Club meets with the new team, plan for future competitions


Mock Trial members met after school in room F102 on Nov. 9. The meeting allowed the entire team to meet with each other and discuss plans for practices.

Isaac Hsu

Mock Trial members to meet after school in room F102 on Nov. 16. The club has completed all the auditions for the team, and hosted a meeting on Nov. 9 to practice for competitions held next semester.
Mock Trial sponsor Robert Browning said the teams have been decided, and the team members are going to meet to practice their roles.
“We’ve finally picked the teams, which has been the process the entire fall, and now we have three teams, and (Mock Trial members) know what role they got,” he said. “Basically this is the first meeting (Mock Trial) has all gotten together so it’s gonna be congratulatory and (Mock Trial) is going to outline what’s ahead of us.”
Jack McMurtray, Mock Trial vice president and senior, said he is ready to act out a case.
“Now that the teams are formed, (Mock Trial) will get the cases drafted, and really just go through the cases to see what’s going on. The first competition will be in January but for now (Mock Trial) will just be practicing and getting ready by doing some mock trials, and I’m really excited for it” McMurtray said.
Browning said the Mock Trial members will gain a good experience this year.
“It was myself and two other attorneys who chose the teams this year, and I think this year’s team will be good, (Mock Trial) will learn a lot, especially how to act and think on your feet and act confident and also have a lot of fun,” he said.