Carmel Orchestras to perform Winter Concert on Feb. 14



Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, studies her music sheet and practices her fingering before after-school rehearsal. According to Wu, “It helps to look through the piece before we start playing together.”

Jasmine Zhang

Carmel Orchestras are currently rehearsing for the upcoming Winter Concert on Feb. 14.

Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, said she is looking forward to this performance.

“I think we’re supposed to be performing in the auditorium. To be honest, it’s nice to not have to record our performances this year. I remember that’s what we had to do before and it was pretty exhausting. Having the auditorium once again is really nice,” Wu said.

According to Maggie Hite, Associate Director of Orchestras, construction of the newly renovated performing arts area is coming to a finish and the Carmel Orchestras are planning to utilize the new space. In the meantime, rehearsals are taking place in E157.

“We’re hoping to move into our new room at the end of January or early in February. We’re really looking forward to it,” Hite said.

“It’s been years since the construction started. That’s what it feels like, so I am really excited about the new area and I think it’ll be more motivating to perform in a bigger and cleaner space,” Wu said.

Tickets to the winter concert can be found here.