Key Club to host find more volunteer opportunities for students


Lorna Ding

Key Club members participate in service project activities. Jiang said Key Club is planning to get involved in more projects for the future.

Ayaan Nadeem

According to David Jiang, Key Club co-vice president and sophomore, Carmel Key Club is trying to find more opportunities for its members.

“Key Club is looking to provide more opportunities for students to volunteer and complete their hours,” Jiang said. “And as the meetings start to come to a close, we look to finish up our donation drives soon.”

Key Club co-sponsor Allyson Ward said volunteer hours will be due around the first week of May. Ward also said Key Club will experiment with new changes for next year.

“We are going to try out online agendas instead of having to print out paper copies every meeting,” Ward said.

According to Julia Dong, Key Club co-president and senior, Key Club is also trying to get involved in more activities.

“For the near future, we are planning to get involved at a lot of local events like the Carmel Marathon and organizing game nights for senior living homes as well as starting up new donation drives such as book and canned food drives.” Dong said.