Carmel Debate to decide new leadership


Speech and debate members discuss recent competitions after personal successes. As a whole, the speech and debate team has a successful season. (Submitted Photo: Anushka Pandey)

Siri Surapaneni

Carmel Debate will decide on next year’s officers as the year comes to an end. Members are continuing to practice and improve their skills during off-season.

Joseph McMillan, speech and debate sponsor, said the any member can apply for a leadership position.

“There are so many qualified people in our club that want to be in leadership,” he said. “(The process) is pretty thorough. The application asks a lot of questions about the specific qualifications for each position. The application helps see what particular skills and experience (the student) has.”

Anushka Pandey, co-president of debate and senior, said she is proud of members for their hard work.

“I think the thing I am proud of as president is just how much everyone has improved,” Pandey said. “I have been sitting in on rounds and just seeing how well everyone is doing compared to the beginning of the year (or previous years for returning members) makes me insanely proud of both our event heads and the other members. Doing well in tournaments makes me pretty proud too, and our team has done a solid job.”