Model U.N. draws to a close

Kate Foster

Model U.N. has no more conferences planned due to the end of the school year quickly approaching. The final event the club has in store is an end of year celebration, which has traditionally taken place in late May, although there is no date selected yet. Thursday meetings will continue to occur.

Model U.N. sponsor Sandy Gardner said, “Because it’s April, it’s just difficult. Anything the kids could commit to doing a couple of hours after school (becomes difficult) once they (get) into knowing when their finals are.”

The club has no conferences or events booked for the 2023-2024 school year, but four new officers were selected on March 16. Sara Syed, one of the selected officers for next school year and sophomore, said she was excited for next year’s Model U.N.

“I’m excited to be in control of what topics we do, and I’ve been in (Model U.N.) for two years, so I know what topics excite people,” Syed said. “I know where I want to go with (the topics), and how we can lead the club to be more fun, and the different initiatives we could do, and the different conferences we can go to.”