Juniors have an opportunity to win $30,000


This year, juniors will be given the opportunity to win $30,000. Will Ellery, who is in charge of the competition, and other social studies teachers will be giving out entry forms soon.
Juniors who sign up for this competition will have to write an essay that will amount to three to five minutes when read aloud. The essay that is most popular and best written will move on to state competition. There the student will have the opportunity to earn $30,000 if his or her essay places first. From there, the student can qualify for nationals and have an all expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. That student will have the opportunity to meet U.S. leaders and tour the city. The person who wins in nationals will also receive $151,000 in national awards. Although juniors are not required to participate in this competition, they are highly recommended to.
“I would recommend juniors do it for a variety of reasons. Some are practical . . . but the more important part I think is we need to take time to be introspective sometimes and realize what people sacrifice for us,” says Ellery.
Many students are eager to participate in this competition not only because of the money involved but also to appreciate U.S. veterans.
“It’s an opportunity to honor the courageous people who have served our country. Veteran’s Day is a day to honor them and give thanks for preserving the life that we have now. Writing an essay will be a little thing to do for what they have done for us,” says junior Nina Sun.