Green Team to meet Oct. 28


Green Team plans to meet on Oct. 28 in Room B222 to brainstorm about future projects they could pursue. According to president and senior Charles Liang, the club wants to concentrate on projects that the school could later take over and do on a larger scale.

“One of the ideas that we came up with so far was to change the light bulbs in a few of the school bathrooms. Currently, they are not very energy efficient and the club’s purpose is to promote energy efficient programs. We want to replace some of the equipment and then we were hoping that the school would take over and make all of the bathrooms more energy efficient,” Liang said.

“We might not be able to execute large scale problems, but we can definitely start small scale programs. Hopefully, we can trigger chain reactions,” club sponsor Fran Rushing said.

Along with this project, the club also plans to continue its recycling program. Currently, the club is regularly emptying the blue bins that are placed around the school. “This year we are more organized so we are trying to make that process more streamlined,” Rushing said.