Counseling Center to prepare for AP exams, scholarship banquet


According to counselor Bettina Cool, the counseling center is beginning to organize AP exams and the scholarship banquet for seniors on May 22.

Cool and four other counselors organize the exams by putting together the test booklets, assigning rooms and hiring test proctors.

Additionally, the counseling center is planning a scholarship banquet to recognize seniors who have received scholarships throughout the year. According to Cool, seniors must fill out a sheet indicating their award located on the front desk in the counseling office in order to be a part of the banquet.

Senior Kelley Eaton said she finds scholarships extremely important, being the fourth of her siblings to go to high school.

“I think (scholarships) are really important for people that need them because it’s basically the school giving you money for accomplishments,” Eaton said.

It is also not too late to receive scholarships, according to Cool.

“There are some (scholarships) that still aren’t even due until June, so many scholarships won’t even be determined by the time we have the banquet,” Cool said.

Cool said she encourages kids to apply for scholarships, as some do not receive as many applications as students may believe.

“I always encourage kids to do applications. There are many scholarships that not many people apply for. We’ve even had scholarship organizations that say, ‘Help we need more people.’ That even happened last week,” Cool said