All For a Cure to continue fundraising


All for a Cure continues to solidify fundraising ideas. At the meeting on Feb. 11, club members discussed fundraising ideas for Pennies for Patients, a program dedicated to raising money for children with leukemia and lymphoma. Pennies for Patients representative Julia Marland talked to the club members about Pennies for Patients.

Co-president and senior Joie Li said, “Having an authority figure gave club members a sense of importance for the issue.”

Club members are also gearing up for the Ride for a Cure fundraiser in May. This is the club’s biggest fundraiser. Last year, the club raised around $200. Li said, “We are beginning to actually put our plans in action.”

Co-president and senior Ally Poveromo is working closely with club sponsor Tungfen Lee to authorize all the fundraising ideas. After being banned from selling baked goods, the club’s main fundraising source, All For a Cure has been working to keep the fundraising going.

Li said, “ I know they want to do [Pennies for Patients], but I don’t know if they have a solid plan yet.”