Christkindlmarkt: A Review

Allen Zhang

Allen Zhang

Allen Zhang

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Rating : 4/5

I visited the Carmel Christkindlmarkt this Sunday and stayed for about an hour. The featured events I attended were an alphorn performance by Alphorngruppe and a woodworking demonstration with Christian Werner. Any onlooker could tell they were extremely skilled at their craft. Werner’s performance in particular was cool to watch; using his lathe and a knife, he intricately carved a wooden ring that when cut open revealed the form of a small animal. Small sectors in the shape of these animals could then be cut from the ring (see picture).

Overall, the mood was festive and the food was great. The outdoor ice skating rink added a holiday atmosphere and snow was brought in for kids to play in. The fire pits were a nice addition since it was pretty cold outside. Be it buying from the huts, skating on the ice or watching performances, there was something for everyone.

Although there were many things to do, the market has a limited entertainment value. It was a bit smaller than I expected it to be, and it is definitely possible to hit all of the huts in two or three visits. Afterwards, I could see it getting repetitive. Despite that, attending Christkindlmarkt was a great experience, and I would recommend visiting if not just to see what it’s all about.

Learn more about Christkindlmarkt and its upcoming events at www.carmelchristkindlmarkt.com.

Want to know more? Read a story from the November issue about Christkindlmarkt and CHS involvement: www.hilite.org/54029/recent-updates/christkndlmarkt/

Christkindlmarkt-goers skate on the Ice at Center Green, an ice skating rink located in the heart of the market. Although Christkindlmarkt closes on Dec. 24, the Ice at Center Green will stay open until March.



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