CHS Men’s JV Basketball Team Season Wrap Up


Agrayan Gupta

Luke Heady, varsity basketball player and junior, checks his socks during a practice. As a game ritual, Heady wears the same pair of socks during every game.

Jess Canaley

As the Men’s JV basketball team finishes up its season with a final game against Arsenal Tech at home, ending in a win, head coach Mickey O’Toole and JV player Cole Brady and junior discuss the season as a whole.

“Overall the season was pretty good. We’ve taken a couple steps back the last couple games with some losses,” O’Toole said. “Once the season is over, workouts start pretty quickly. It’s sad but happy as well.”

Brady agrees and said the team is expected to learn from their mistakes towards the end of its season in preparation for next year.

“Going into the season we were given high praise in the rankings and weren’t expecting to lose as many games as we have. Each loss has made us better as a team and it will help us down the stretch,” Brady said.

According to O’Toole, he’s happy to have been a part of the program this year as a coach and looks forward to coaching next year.

“Generally, I’m really happy to be a part of this. The guys themselves are coachable, it’s been a good season,” O’Toole said. “We’ve got to keep pushing them to do what they do.”

Brady is also looking ahead to next year and feels the team is ready to take on the challenges of another season.

“Every game we have lost has been a close game so I believe we are happy where we are going into the postseason. The team is getting much stronger as we are getting ready to go into postseason. We have dealt with injuries the whole season and we finally have a healthy starting five and a lot of depth on the bench,” Brady said. “As a team our ball movement has got a lot better since the beginning of the season and there is a lot to look forward to as we finish the season.”

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