Carmel Clay Public Library starting Summer Reading Program

Jai Sanghani

The Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) is starting its annual Summer Reading Program on May 31. This event takes months of planning and is CCPL’s most popular event.

Jamie Beckman, young adult section librarian, said, “The Summer Reading Program is open to all ages, which makes it very popular. Anyone from ages zero to 99 can participate and win prizes.”

One of the main problems that Beckman said she faces is the ability to gain publicity amongst teenagers for the event.

Beckman said, “It’s really hard to get a lot of publicity for it amongst teenagers. Not many people know that it’s open to all ages, which is why mainly young children participate in (the Summer Reading Program). However, with the Teen Library Council, I am able to get the word out better.”

Abby Carmichael, Teen Library Council vice president and junior, said, “We try and help out the library as much as we can. We are one of the main ways that the library can connect with high school students.”