Math Club members prepare for Mandelbrot competition


Math Club member and freshman Austin Guo works on a practice worksheet for the Mandelbrot competition. The Mandelbrot is a five-round math competition, with each round getting consecutively harder.

Leslie Huang

The Math Club members prepare for the Mandelbrot competition in Oct. and discuss different ways to enhance productivity in the club.

Joseph Broman, sponsor and math teacher, said, “Mostly what we’re doing right now is we’re working on sample tests for the Mandelbrot.”

Broman said the purpose of the Mandelbrot competition was to give Math Club members practice for more important competitions.

Co-president and senior Kevin Liu said, “I think we do try to incorporate both independent and dependent study [for the Mandelbrot].

We encourage people to study on their own, even just outside of Math Club. Maybe at home or when they have downtime at school.”

— Kevin Liu, Math Club co-president and senior

The Math Club members created a Google Classroom page for the members to stay organized and keep track of club meetings.

“It’ll definitely create a level of organization and structure,” said Liu. “You can see whatever you want and you can work on it in whatever time you have. I think it’s just good to have all that stuff in one place and people know where to look if they need to know these things or anything like that.”

Broman said the Google Classroom page is only accessible for current members and includes information about club meetings and upcoming competitions, as well as practice worksheets. By Leslie Huang