Senior Class officers busy preparing for Homecoming week

Leah Tan

The Senior Class officers have been busy preparing for the most active week of the year for them: Homecoming. Their responsibilities include selling Homecoming T-shirts, hosting competitions, and promoting the Homecoming game and dance.

One of the most prominent competitions they promote is playhouse building, which takes place Wednesday, Sept. 26. The playhouse building competition consists of building a playhouse with a certain theme within a span of 4 hours. These playhouses are then sold to children who can use it to play with.Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist said, “It’s kind of a fundraiser, get hype for Homecoming, that kind of deal. It’s a way we can get everybody involved by inviting them to paint these playhouses, which turns it into a class competition.”

The importance of their role as seniors has been prominent through their responsibilities and expectations. Ann Mayhew, one of the Senior Class sponsors, said, “For many of them this is the 4th year they’ve done it, so I’m leaving it up to them.”

Nist talks about the role as a senior as well. “Because we are seniors, everything feels a lot more significant, so we are trying to make everything the best it can be.”

As of the upcoming month, there are no major plans for the senior class besides Homecoming. By Leah Tan