Winter Cheerleading will support the men’s basketball team as they head to Southport to play Jeffersonville on Dec. 8.


Winter Cheerleading team performs a cheer with various stunts at a women’s basketball game. The cheerleaders performed this cheer during a time out to encourage the fans to cheer and because they were able to do stunts on the court.

Kelly Truax

The game will be held at Southport and will start at 1:30 p.m. Nicole Vetter, Blue Varsity head coach, explained what the cheerleaders are working on in during practices to improve.

“During practice, we have been focusing on more difficult stunts, and gaining the skills as a whole team,” Vetter said via email.

Cheerleader and junior Becca Count is new to winter cheerleading and explained how she is adjusting.

“This is my first time doing (winter) cheer because in the past I only did (competition cheerleading), so I’m working on memorizing the new cheers and chants. I’m also in a different stunting position (on the team), so I’m working on improving my technique and skill as a backspot,” Counen said via email.

Counen said that regardless of this being her first season, she is excited to be apart of the team.

Counen said “I’m looking forward to spending time with my team, learning new skills and experiencing a different aspect of cheerleading. I love spending time with my team and experiencing the energetic atmosphere at games.”