Carmel Electric Ensemble to continue rehearsing and arrange next concert

Kiersten Riedford

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The Carmel Electric Ensemble chose to cancel their previous concert which was set for Dec. 13. The ensemble will host their next concert on April 24.

Songs that were chosen for the concert in December will remain in the set list for the upcoming concert.

The ensemble intends to push themselves as they enter the upcoming semester according to club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis and Jiwon Yu, club president and junior. Dates for future rehearsals have not been decided upon yet.

Ohly-Davis said, “Time management (is the most important thing for students to remember) and taking the long view of the semester and realizing it isn’t long is really what’s important for the students. I think that’s what students started to realize when we got close to the concert timing.”

Ohly-Davis and Yu agree that the club should work on rhythm and bowing techniques in the upcoming meetings.

As the year continues, hopes are high from both Ohly-Davis and Yu that the students will thrive leading up to the concert and that the interest in the club will continue throughout the semester even with the possible conflicts in members’ lives.

Yu said, “A lot of us are juniors, so we struggle to bring everyone in. Also (we struggle bringing in) the seniors because they’re doing college applications. And sometimes its hard to practice this kind of music because we have other music, so it can be kind of hard to sit for 30 minutes and play.”

As they begin the second semester, Ohly-Davis describes her emotions of the upcoming semester with the word “hopeful.” She said, “I feel like there is a plan and place and I do hope that they will continue to find joy in (the club). It’s always nice to know that the resources that we have are being used and appreciated by the students, so I am hopeful that they will be taking advantage of that.”