Big Game Club sells merchandise to support breast cancer awareness


Junior Dylan Downing lists ideas for future activities for Big Game Club and conferences with fellow members. “I feel like Big Game Club plays a big but silent role in athletic events. Everybody who’s interested should make sure to come out on the next game,” Dixon said.

Robbie Ge

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that the club plans to support breast cancer awareness.

            “It’s basketball season now and we are currently putting something together for breast cancer awareness. We’re making T-shirts and making donations for breast cancer awareness,” Pearson said.

            Notably, Big Game Club encourages football players to come to future games and support their peers.

            “Girls and boys game Friday night. Anybody can come and join and support our athletes. Anybody can pitch in if they want,” Pearson said.

            Junior Dylan Downing notes that the club creates a sense of culture and community and values any newcomers who want to showcase their school spirit.

“I feel like it gives a different aspect to the culture of our school. It gives people a sense of purpose and allows them to express themselves in athletic events,” Dixon said. By Robbie Ge