Coquettes team works into new year

Hannah Gretz

With the arrival of 2019, the coquettes dance team has worked to successfully transition into the second half of their 2018-2019 dance season. With this, they are preparing for performances during basketball games, and other school events, such as Dance Marathon.
“It is going so well so far,” member and junior Maddy Massa said. “Practices are super fun and productive. It’s really going great.”
The current season marks Massa’s third year as a dance team member.
Head coach Sarah Wolff said the team goes through a tryout process in order to be apart of the team.
“They have to be able to perform turns, leaps, and kicks,” Wolff said. “The performance has to be clean and sharp.”
Wolff not only coaches coquettes, but charisma as well.
Junior Kendall Greene is a third year member as well, dancing alongside Massa.
“I am super excited, I can’t wait to show all of our hard work,” Greene said.
The team’s last performance was on Jan. 18, which showcased their choreographed dances. By Hannah Gretz