After winter performance, theater group moves on to ComedySportz

Aniket Biswal

On February 7 to 9, the theater group had conducted a winter performance called “Aladdin”. Jim Peterson, the director of the play, said that he felt proud of his team and group of what they did for that play, especially with some time lost from snow days.

Now, the next items on the list is ComedySportz. Peterson said that this is a comedy show at every home sports game for the next few weeks. The dates for these shows are March 21 to 22 and April 25 to 26. Each ticket is $5, according to Peterson. He said, “ If you ever liked the television show, Whose Line is it Anyway?, you’ll love ComedySportz”.

Maggie Cassidy, the former director of the fall play which performed on November 16-18, reflects back on her time as director and is pleased with how Peterson is doing now. She is looking forward to watching ComedySportz and hopes that everyone will do well.