School board trains for social media use


Senior Nora Helou walks to her period B4 class. Helou was working on homework during her release period the period before.

Sam Shi

The school board had an executive meeting on March 4, involving training for board members and several of their new roles. The board also participated in social media training in order to help the board learn how to effectively use social media to communicate with students.

School board president Mike Kerschner said while social media use is beneficial for school administrators because it can spread information quickly, it can also be harmful because it can spread misinformation.

“The downside to social media is that it can spread inaccurate information quickly, and sometimes it can be less clear if sources are fact checked,” Kerschner said. “An example is that some members of the community were posting about what’s happening with the crosswalk, and they were sometimes unclear on who was actually responsible for building the crosswalk.”

Senior Nora Helou said social media is beneficial in general.

“I think on the whole social media is helpful just for people scheduling, especially with two hour delays and all the snow days we’ve had.”