Pinnacle yearbook works towards fifth deadline, is featured in Herff Jones


Victoria Nopporn

Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle yearbook section editor and junior, check the many deadlines that she and her co-editors need to assign for the reporters and photographers under their section. Sandiya Sajan co-edits with other staff members under the student life and academics section.

Victoria Nopporn

The Pinnacle yearbook editors are working hard this month to finalize the yearbook for its sale in May.

“Right now, Pinnacle is approaching the fifth deadline on March 11,” Sandiya Sajan, Pinnacle yearbook section editor and junior said. “We’re pretty close to finishing the actual yearbook.”

According to Sajan, the yearbook staff plans to work and revise on proofs before the final cut. Editors will look for mainly design errors as well as spelling errors in their sections.

“March 25 will be the last deadline for the book,” Sajan said. “And then in May we have our supplement deadline.” The pinnacle yearbook staff will also have a senior meeting later in the year to commemorate the graduating seniors, and they will give letters to each other before they graduate.

Editors like Sajan will have to set up smaller deadlines in between the major ones in order to keep the staff on track to finishing the books and supplement on time. According to Terri Ramos, department chairperson for media and communications, the Pinnacle yearbook has also recently been featured in Herff Jones, which is a company that recognizes outstanding student publications like Pinnacle.

“It’s an honor to be chosen by (Herff Jones)” Ramos said. “The students have done a great job and it just highlights the (Pinnacle yearbook staff’s) best work.”