Music Playlist: Sweater Weather [MUSE]


Grace Xu and Shruthi Ravichandran

It’s officially sweater weather! Of course, I had to make a playlist for my absolute favorite season, autumn. Other people listen to Christmas music year-round, but I just listen to my fall playlist religiously. Here’s a taste of some of my favorite autumn music (read: sad and chill pop). Check it out on Spotify at: 


Playlist: Sweater Weather

Falling leaves, earbuds in, sweater paws, apple farms, gray skies, carving pumpkins, pages turning, crisp air.

Comfort Crowd [Conan Gray]

Conan Gray is having a concert in Indianapolis on Nov. 3, and I am so ready. “Comfort Crowd” makes the fall playlist in my book, especially with the spooky undertones. The music video is definitely Halloween-worthy—perfect for October.

Feelings [Lauv]

Feel Something [Bea Miller]

Going Go [Tizzy T]

i’m so tired… [Lauv, Troye Sivan]

Even the album cover has such nostalgic fall vibes… what more could I expect from Lauv and Troye? 

NO FUN [Joji]

Talk Me Down [Troye Sivan]

f*ck, I’m lonely [Lauv, Anne-Marie]

Older [Sasha Sloan]

I Forgot That You Existed [Taylor Swift]

Me at my homework… 

talk is overrated [Jeremy Zucker]

Homebody [pH-1]

Sad Forever [Lauv]

I feel like half this playlist is by Lauv, but his discography is the literal definition of “sad and chill pop.” Also, no, I’m not going to stop saying I lauv Lauv. 

8 Letters [Why Don’t We]

I See You Everywhere [Eric Chou]


and of course,

Sweater Weather [The Neighbourhood]



Bonus: If you’re more into jazzy, vintage feels for an autumn playlist, I stumbled across this gem on YouTube the other day: It makes me feel so cozy and comforted and ready for whatever the end of quarter one will bring… (okay, maybe not the last one).


Hope you enjoyed, and have a cozy sweater weather season!


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