Green ACTION Club: Green Action Club hosts solar energy speakers, hopes to implement similar plans at CHS


Maddie Kosc

Bob Rice, former Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) science teacher, now clean energy advocate for HSE schools, speaks with CHS Green Action Club students about how HSE implemented solar energy at multiple schools. Rice described how the project began with one school and quickly expanded to multiple schools within the district.

Sarah Kim

Green Action Club hosted three speakers at their last meeting on Oct. 14. These speakers included Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt and representatives from Hamilton Southeastern (HSE).

Sarah Gillim, Green Action Club sponsor and science teacher, explained the main goals of the club meeting.

“The purpose of the meeting yesterday was to see how others have gotten solar power for their schools and to help students get the background they need to try to get some solar (energy sources) here at Carmel,” Gillim said.

Felipe Martinez Guimaraes, president of Green Action Club, said that the speakers were chosen to explain how schools and buildings near us have implemented solar energy, as well as the possibilities for CHS to make similar changes.

“Neighboring high schools, such as HSE, have already implemented solar energy, so we had a representative from there come talk to us about how they were able to install the panels and get their school board’s approval. We also had the Hamilton County Commissioner talk to us about how buildings in the county, such as the Community Corrections Center, the Health Department, and the Juvenile Detention Center, have had photo-voltaic solar arrays installed,” Guimaraes said. “We hope that we can use this information at the next meeting to begin to talk about some of the changes we want to propose to make Carmel a greener school.”

Gillim also explained the long term goals for the club.

“We hope to get some composting implemented in the cafeteria,” Gillim said. “We also hope to have talked to some school administrators, and maybe the school board, and have the students talk to them about solar and energy efficiency.”