Choirs begin Audition Process, Prepare for Competition Season


Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns reviews the lyrics to a song in her office on Jan. 17. The song was sung by Accents as part of their competition set.

Josie Cruzan

Following Holiday Spectacular, which took place in December, the Choirs are now focusing on the competition season and auditioning for next year. Four choirs will be competing this year: Rhapsody, New Edition, Accents, and Ambassadors.

Director of Choirs Katherine Kouns said “This year’s competition season is going to have a really interesting dynamic because it’s the first year that Rhapsody will be competing, and so I’m really excited to see how that plays out for them and to see them succeed this season, and I think that the girls will bring something new to the table while also getting to experience something new.”

The first competition will take place on February 14 at Center Grove High School.

Auditions will also take place in the coming weeks. The audition process consists of sight-reading, a musicianship assessment (that involves tonal recognition and pitch matching) and a solo song. Those wishing to audition for one of the competition choirs also prepare a video dance audition.

Lindsay Vrobel, Rhapsody member and Junior said, “This year I’m going for either New Edition or hopefully Accents, so I’ve really been working on my dancing ability this year and that’s what I’m going to focus on for my audition since I’m coming from Rhapsody which doesn’t do as high level or as much dancing.”