Senate finishes Homecoming activities, looks ahead to Care to Share, appreciation weeks


Student body president Julia Heath talks with another Senate member during SRT. Heath said that while this year may look different for Senate because of COVID-19, she is excited about their upcoming events.

Lillian He

Senate is continuing to prepare for various activities that will take place throughout the first semester. According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, all newly elected senators have been added to the Senate SRT and are hard at work planning various events.

Student body president Julia Heath said Senate was incredibly involved with planning last week’s various Homecoming activities.

“We lead the parade, we hold the signs, we direct everyone where to go…we (work) legs king and kiss queen lunches so people can vote for those…we had a scooter race,” she said.

Now that Homecoming has finished, Heath said that Senate’s main priority for October is planning and carrying out appreciation weeks for the CHS administration and bus drivers.

Senate is also going to start preparing for Care to Share.

According to Heath, typically Care to Share is an event held by Senate where various SRTs can sign up to bring in gifts for families in need in Carmel. Senate members are in charge of getting in contact with families, going around making pitches to SRTs, and delivering the gifts.

However, Care to Share may look slightly different this year.

Foutz said, “We (still) have to figure out what changes if any do we need to make to (Care to Share).”

Heath said, “I know that we will need to make a lot of changes (this year) for COVID, but I think we’ve got a really group of senators and they’ve all adapted super quickly and are working really hard. I’m excited for what we’ll be able to do this year.”