Science Bowl to form three teams, prepare for regional competition

Ally Horwitz

Science Bowl will continue the process of determining the A, B and C teams this year during the second round of tryouts, the first of which occurred before fall break. While the first round of tryouts determined which students out of 20 would make it to regionals, the second round starts in October, and students will determine which subjects they will specialize in for the rest of the year. The Science Bowl officers will determine teams in the coming month, according to club president and senior Noah Tan.

Tan said that on Oct. 9, the officers of Science Bowl determined that 11 out of the more than 20 students who tried out for placement would make it to the regional competition. These 11 students as well as the four officers make up three teams of five that will advance to the competition that will take place in February.

The competition will most likely be virtual, according to Tan. He said many of the club meetings have operated virtually this year as well due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are keeping our practices online at the same time. We will still have people from both cohorts and even virtual students, so it would be very difficult to organize in-person practices with all who made the cut,” Tan said.

According to club sponsor Virginia Kundrat, the officers have found ways to continue regular practices despite the limitations of COVID-19.

“The leaders have done a tremendous job coming up with alternate ways to run the club.  It’s great to see such creativity in finding alternate ways to continue,” Kundrat said.

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