School Resource Officers (SROs) adapt to COVID-19, explain day-to-day tasks


Officer Scott Moore greets a student in the hallways. Moore said he tries to be in the hallways every passing period.

Calina He

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS have fewer day-to-day tasks due to COVID-19, according to Officer Scott Moore.

“Typically, in a normal school year we would be busy with a lot of things going on, but with the half students we have now, we are just catching up on department-related things,” said Moore. “My day-to-day tasks are to be out during passing periods and walk the halls during school hours. I check the bathrooms to make sure that there’s no vaping there—that was a big problem last year but not as big of one this year because most kids aren’t here. We also patrol the parking lots.”

According to Moore, the best part about this semester for SROs is that the hallways aren’t as crowded. Moore said the worst part is not being able to sit with new students at lunch.

Hybrid student and senior Lissa Heber said she has seen the SROs in the hallway during passing periods.

“I typically see school resource officers passing by in the hallways during passing periods or standing near the school’s entrances,” Heber said. “They are always super friendly and it is obvious that they care about the safety of students and staff.”