CHTV resumes live shows

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV will resume live shows with new equipment on Jan. 25. This new equipment includes a graphics system and a tricaster, which, according to CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic, will allow CHTV to cover live basketball games. “This week and last week we’ve done, I think six different training sessions on different parts of equipment, so it’s been super busy obviously after and before school for everyone.” she said.

Ian Yeoman, 5-6 staff member and junior, said that he is happy to return to live shows after doing pre-recorded ones.

“You’re talking to a large audience. And it connects to the people that you know are watching it. I think there’s that importance if it’s pre-recorded. You don’t have that feeling of connection that you’re actually talking to a physical person.”

CHTV staff has spent the first weeks of the second semester training with the new equipment to return to live shows. This training has occurred before, during and after school hours with equipment licensed or certified people, students that attend those sessions then go on to train others on how to use the equipment. The change to live shows, according to Ostojic, is permanent.

Ostojic said, “Anything could happen, I think that’s kind of the fun part. Just recording it is not as fun. I think that’s the biggest thing we missed last semester, having fun and I think, although its a lot of work and its very stressful, it’s a fun stress.”