Senate continues working on brain games, looks ahead to other second semester activities including March Madness


Student body president Julia Heath talks with another Senate member during SRT. Heath said Senate is finishing up Brain Games and has many activities planned for second semester.

Lillian He

Currently, Senate is working on running their wide array of second-semester activities.

Brain Games, which began last month will continue into March, with the finals being broadcast live on CHTV according to student body president Julia Heath.

According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, another second-semester activity for Senate is March Madness, which unlike Brain Games has not been impacted too much due to COVID-19.

Foutz said, “March Madness is not very hard because it’s just based on brackets, it’s not face-to-face competition so you don’t need to have Carmel and Greyhound brackets.”

Heath said that Senate is also looking towards figuring out how elections will work for Senate positions for next school year.

Heath also said, “We do have some people who are on executive council for dance marathon so they’re also meeting with the cabinet to discuss things for that.”