Club Med to host presentation over STEM internships, guest speakers

Olivia Stock

According to Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, club officers will give a presentation on April 22 about the Project STEM internship program at IU School of Medicine.

He said the program would typically allow students to intern at the IU School of Medicine campus for nearly two months, but it’s likely it will be virtual this year due to COVID-19.

“Basically, you are able to (intern) within those different labs to gain more experience and create connections and things of that nature. It’s mainly meant for a field that you know you want to get into and are very interested in and able to work for almost two months,” Ranga said. “The thing that I want to show to the different members of Club Med is that (the program) has the opportunity for you to not only increase your resume and things of that nature but also get a general idea of maybe the medical track is not for you and maybe you’d want to get a PhD or do something in the research field.”

Club Med sponsor Alyssa Ament said she leaves decisions about activities and guest speakers up to club officers.

Additionally, Ranga said the club plans to host guest speakers on April 29. These speakers will be juniors and seniors in college on the “pre-med” track, meaning they are planning on attending medical school.

Ranga said, “We hope to have (the guest speakers) give more background on how exactly their life as a pre-med student really is and if it’s really worth it and how exactly the experience is.”