Social Studies Department Launches Peer Tutoring Program

Dariush Khurram

Carmel High School’s social studies department just launched its peer tutoring program. Program co-sponsor, Allison Hargrove, said that free tutoring is now available at each SSRT in room E229 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and Room E238 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

“The program was created about four years ago to help provide assistance to students who are struggling academically in their social studies courses. Students, if interested in being tutored, can get passes from their social studies teachers. Their teachers should know how to sign them up,” Hargrove said. “There are approximately 60 tutors. At this time, about every social studies class is covered.”

Senior Averie Reiter, entering her second year as a tutor for the program, said, “The program is a great opportunity for students who need help, especially since it’s completely free. It might seem daunting, but all the tutors are really nice, welcoming people. We all know how scary it’s like needing help, and that’s why we’re here, offering our knowledge and experience.”

Hargrove said that the tutors are trained and qualified.

“Tutors were chosen from a pool of applicants. All of them have received great scores in their respective classes and had teachers vouch for their expertise. They are bright students with so much to offer,” she said. 

She also said that the program is still adhering to spacing guidelines. By Dariush Khurram.

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